Supplements into your diet  

Incorporating supplements into your diet such as digestive enzymes which helps your body break down all types of proteins such as beef, chicken and turkey just to name a few. Acidophilus is also very important because it replenishes the flora within our intestines which assists with proper absorption of nutrients it also helps with keeping your insides clean, preventing bad breath, body odor and flatulence which is created from foods fermenting within the intestines.

There are however unfriendly bacteria’s such as yeast also living within the intestines and occasionally an overflow of the yeast occurs under normally circumstances they usually keep each other in check like a Ying Yang type balance but when instability does occur there are a host of other supporting supplements that should be utilized along with the digestive enzymes and acidophilus such as cleansing teas, green phyto foods and black walnut hulls which will kill off the yeast and help to restore a balance, some of the physical symptoms caused by a yeast infection are headaches, bloating and diarrhea.

However everyone is different consulting with your doctor and nutritionists is always recommended but it would also be in your best interest to ask a lot of questions. And don’t just go in and ask the questions and think that is the end of it. Learn what’s being conveyed to you, push yourself to understand, implement the information given. Because whatever may be occurring within you is because you are eating, drinking and emotional keeping within you. Basically you are creating the imbalance. Being conscious of what you consume on a daily basis is the first step in any healing regime.

We ingest food, emotions and thought forms continuously. The quality and essence of what we are ingesting or filtering out is under our domain. Are we aware of the quality of air we breathe, food we eat, music we listen to, people and situations we relate to, thoughts we have and finally programs we watch because that’s exactly what we are doing programming our brains and bodies into either illness or health.

We are labeled a society of CONSUMERS we are programmed to consume. That says a lot right there. The word consume is to use up, eat, waste, this is the energetic the American society is resonating with. Can we move from being consumers into sustaining ourselves? Imagine what we can manifest if we become a sustainable society. Sustaining ourselves nutritionally is more than food alone it is infilling ourselves with love in all forms, through our foods, friends, thoughts, actions, and emotions

(The information presented in this article is based on personal experiences. We are not doctor’s nor do we make that claim in any particular way. We simple choose to share methods we have discovered that work for ourselves. If you are experiencing health discomfort please consult with your doctor. We offer examples not cures, however being consciously aware is a start.)

Writer Bio’s

Ron is a published freelance writer and lyricist in magazines and small press and collaborates with musicians, keyboardists and composers. He has also received several poetry awards and has completed a lyrical poetry book, a biographical dream book based on personal experiences and is in the process of writing a children’s picture book. His creative ambitions also touch on graphic and laser engraved designs. Ron is also involved within the spiritual metaphysical community as a Reiki level 2 practitioner.


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