Lifestyle of celebrities along with weight maintenance  

Mahek Chahal

• Height - 178 cm
• Chest - 102 cm
• Waist - 81 cm
• Hips - 104 cm
• Weight - 80 kg

Dark-haired beauty of Norwegian origin once again establishes the fact that there are curvy in the world shoots and advertising on par with slender women. Mahek Chahal with a dazzling smile embodies the beauty and grace. She is a model of non-standard sizes, advertising clothing for women sizes «plus». It is impossible not to notice, as was the case with modeling agency «Ford», which often uses the services of a charming Norwegian dancer.

Candice Huffine

• Height - 181 cm
• Chest - 97 cm
• Waist - 84 cm
• Hips - 111 cm
• Weight - 80 kg

Candice Huffine - American curvaceous, which began working in the modeling business since 16 years. Twenty-seven beauties prefer to shoot, where you need to pose in the nude, for example when shooting in lingerie. She has worked with such celebrities among photographers as Damon Baker, Norwegian art photographer Solve Sundsbo. Candice has a contract with the world-renowned agency «Ford Models». Huffine today is one of the highest paid models with sizes «plus-size».

Flavia Lacerda

• Height - 177 cm
• Weight - 80 kg

Fluvia Lacerda - Brazilian who once, by a fluke, said the editor of the popular publication «Mode». Her biography is like a fairy tale with a happy ending.


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