Why is water gaining popularity especially for weight loss

Why is water gaining popularity? Introducing your judgment and consideration of a truly effective tool that has become popular with Americans who want to lose weight; «Sassy water» or water for weight loss - a nice and simple drink, normalizes gastrointestinal activity and helps get rid of excess weight. The drink contains foods that are familiar to us from
childhood and are not “overseas” gimmick.

His name shall drink Cynthia Sass American doctor. Cynthia worked long drink recipe and blend of ingredients that can be dissolved in water. (http://www.apsense.com/article/how-to-treat-herpes-with-few-simple-steps.html)

Action drink has several lines:

• Improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract;
• Reduces gas;
• Contributes to the rapid breakdown of fats that enter the body through food;
• Accelerate the excretion of waste products.

Under the influence of the wonderful tools improves the skin condition, the process of hair loss has stabilized; begin to “melt” the extra pounds. If it was initially water was used as an adjunct to diet “flat tummy”, then over time, it has gained enormous popularity among people who are obese. It began to be used as a standalone drink.

Classic recipe water Sassy

• Mark clean water (filtered possible) in an amount of 2 liter;
• Grind ginger, bring it to the mushy state - 1 tbsp;
• Cucumber, well washed, peeled - 1 piece.
• Washed down with a lemon cut into wedges - 1 piece.
• Peppermint - a few leaves (chop hands).


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