Disruptions in hormonal levels

Disruptions in hormonal levels that can be checked by an endocrinologist, affect weight and appearance. In addition, rapidly progressive weight leads to the development of serious diseases: diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular functions difficulty and leg joints, heart attack risk.

A visit to the doctor-endocrinologist - Reasons, when exactly should consult an endocrinologist: (http://ultimateherpesprotocolreview.snack.ws/)

• Fatigue;
• Mood swings: hysterical and crying;
• Hair loss;
• Dry skin;
• Nails start to exfoliate;
• The effect of “sand” in the eyes;
• Constant feeling of cold;
• Lump in my throat;
• Dry mouth and constant thirst;
• Swelling in the joints;
• Hypertension.

To ascertain the status of the thyroid gland, the doctor prescribes a blood test and ultrasound, the results of which will be determined and treated.

Advice for those who have decided to hand over analyzes on hormones:

• They need to take on an empty stomach;
• The day before the tests - do not smoke or drink alcohol;

24 hours before delivery - active workout or fitness. Analysis on hormones which in some way influence weight, women take on a certain day of the menstrual cycle. This important caveat must be considered as the results of analyzes, put into any free time, and not in due date, will be distorted. It is believed that the hormones that control appetite, you can “cheat”. It has been conducted for this study, which confirmed what experts: the secretion of glands is dependent on the state of rest of the body and the duration of sleep.


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