Balanced diet for weight loss

Balanced diet involves delivery and plant and animal protein. Absence of a second, such as a vegetarian diet, leads to lack of cystine, which can affect the condition of hair and nails in the diet; where only plant species, it is necessary to include eggs and milk.

Categories protein products - Proteins, unlike fats and carbohydrates, are stored or generated from other substances. Products with their contents are divided into four categories:

• The first consists of eggs, milk and milk products, which must be present in the daily menu.
• Second category: meat, fish, soy. In the meat is proteins, amino acids, elastin, collagen, minerals and other elements. Fish is also rich in protein, but it is easier to digest. In soy contains all the necessary substances to the body in the absence of cholesterol.
• Third category - protein plant foods more complicated to read than animal origin.
• Fourth category contains products with gelatin. (

Full balanced diet should contain animal and vegetable proteins, fats of vegetable and animal origin, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Protein products - needed to power and must be present in the diet. Proteins can be prepared only from food, unlike some carbohydrates and fats. Disorders of the body associated with insufficient amount thereof, such as a low-calorie diet:

• Immunosuppression;
• Malfunction of the heart muscle and digestive systems;
• Hormonal disruptions;
• And others.


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