Should You Get Individual or Family  

Even if you don’t have health insurance now, there will come a time when you will need insurance coverage. If you have a family, chances are that someone in your family will require expensive medical care and will benefit greatly from family health insurance. If you live in the Atlanta area, there are many insurance companies near you, and you can also shop online for insurance coverage.

Having health insurance can protect your financial security; just think about how your finances could be devastated if you didn’t have health insurance. Just imagine having a baby without health insurance; imagine also someone in your family having a devastating accident that needs medical care.

Having adequate health insurance will take care of most of the doctors’ fees and most of the hospital bill. Normally with health insurance, the insurance company pays 80 percent of medical bills and you or your secondary insurance policy will cover the rest.

Should you have individual or family health insurance? If you are single, without a family, you might want to get an individual policy, but if you are married or with a partner and planning to have a family, or have more children you would benefit more with family insurance.

What should health insurance cover?

There are a lot of medical and mental health needs that families might require; therefore, it is important that family health and individual health insurance policies cover the costs for doctors’ fees, hospital expenses, lab and other diagnostic expenses, eye examinations for glasses and contacts, dental care, mental health care, physical therapy, podiatry, nursing home care, surgery, and charges for prosthetic devices.


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